Good planning play a very vital role in the progress of the City.

This entire week is dedicated to the sectoral development planning for all five (5) areas, namely:

*Development Administration Sector
*Economic Sector
*Social Sector
*Environment Sector
*Infrastructure Sector

All projects, programs and activities (PPAs) that are identified will be consolidated and incorporated in the 2020 Annual Investment Plan (AIP) .

Though there is difficulty already in hitting the ideal target for the completion and approval of the AIP due to the change in leadership, Mayor Amante being the CDC Chair has directed the Secretariat to never railroad the process. Afterall, this minor setback is not a yearly scenario.

The city has strongly adhere to the need of genuinely involving the grassroots through their involvement in the different development sectors to ensure that priority and necessary programs, projects and activities are planned well for funding inclusion in the city’s 2020 Annual Budget.