Building Permit Application for Single (1) Storey Residential
Building Permit Application Requirements

Five (5) copies of filled up Unified Application Form for Building Permit and FSEC

Four (4) Filled-up Application Form for Locational Clearance

Original Certificate of Title (OCT) / Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT), or Deed of Absolute Sale or Lot Locational Plan from LRA (if lessee, Contract of Lease)

FIVE(5) sets of Survey Plans, design plans and other documents as follows:

  • A) Architectural Documents
  • B) Civil / Structural Documents

Structural Design Analysis (2 Storey Up)

  • C) Electrical Documents

Electrical Design Analysis

  • D) Mechanical Documents
  • E) Sanitary Documents
  • F) Plumbing Documents
  • G) Electronics Documents
  • H) Geodetic Documents
  • I) Fire Protection Plan (If applicable)

Automatic Fire Suppression System

Wet Stand Pipe

Dry Stand Pipe

Kitchen Hood Suppression

Fire Detection & Alarm System

Three (3) photocopies of Valid Licenses (PRC I.D.) of all involved professionals

Five (5) Notarized estimated value of the building / structure to be erected as declared by the owner

Construction Safety and Health Program

Affidavit of Undertaking

Soil Test (If applicable)