Building Permits


  • Four (4) copies of filled up Unified Application Form for Building Permit and FSEC
  • Filled-up Application Form for Locational Clearance
  • Original Certificate of Title (OCT) / Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT), or Deed of Absolute Sale or Lot Locational Plan from LRA (if lessee, Contract of Lease)
  • Four (4) sets of Survey Plans, design plans and other documents as follows:
    • A) Architectural Documents
    • B) Civil / Structural Documents
    • C) Electrical Documents
    • D) Mechanical Documents
    • E) Sanitary Documents
    • F) Plumbing Documents
    • G) Electronics Documents
    • H) Geodetic Documents
    • I) Fire Protection Plan (If applicable)
        • Automatic Fire Suppression System
        • Wet Stand Pipe
        • Dry Stand Pipe
        • Kitchen Hood Suppression
        • Fire Detection & Alarm System
  • Three (3) photocopies of Valid Licenses (PRC I.D.) of all involved professionals
  • Notarized estimated value of the building / structure to be erected as declared by the owner
  • Construction Safety and Health Program
  • Affidavit of Undertaking
  • Soil Test (If applicable)



  • Filled-up Unified Application Form for Certificate of Occupancy and FSIC
  • Three (3) copies of duly notarized Certificate of Completion using the form in Annex H, signed by the owner/applicant and signed and sealed by the duly licensed Architect or Civil Engineer in-charge of construction, and one copy of the construction logbook. If the construction was undertaken through a contract, the Certificate of Completion shall be signed by the contractor/Authorized Managing Officer
  • One (1) photocopy of the Valid Licenses of all involved Professionals (e.g. Professional Tax Receipt and the Professional Regulation Commission identification card).
  • Photograph of the completed structure showing front, sides, and rear areas.
  • Yellow Card issued by Electrical Service Provider