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People’s Government Center
Barangay 9, Cabadbaran City
Agusan del Norte

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City Mayor’s Office
     Tel. +63(85)818-1120
City Vice Mayor’s Office
     Tel. +63(85)818-1092
Bids and Awards Committee(BAC)
     Tel. +63(85)818-1318 Local 137
     Cel 0950-705-3835 (NIKKI)
Rural Health Unit / City Health Office
     Tel. +63(85)818-2048
Tourism Office
     Tel. +63(85)818-2231
City Agriculturist’s Office
     Tel. +63(85)343-1562
Community Affairs and Investment Promotion Office
     Tel. +63(85)343-5141
     Cel. 0921-712-2444
DILG / Liga ng mga Barangay
     Tel. +63(85)818-7720
     Cel. 0950-702-3221(Office Staff)
     Tel. +63(85)343-1788
City Library and Information Center
     Tel. +63(85)818-5774
City Business Permits and Licensing Office
     Tel. +63(85)818-5228
City Engineering Office(CEO)
     Cel. 0917-703-5660(Engr. Gaid)
City General Services Office(CGSO)
     Tel. +63(085)818-1318 Local 129
City Social Welfare and Development Office(CSWD)
     Tel. +63(085)818-1318 Local 123
     Cel. 0912-839-7015 (Liezl)
City Civil Registrar’s Office
     Cel. 0998-985-3943 (Lanie)
Office of the City Building Official
     Cel. 0907-130-8117 (Mr. Curato)
Management Information System Division
     Cel. 0909-797-0085 (Joey)
City Planning and Development Office
     Tel. +63(085)818-7989
     Cel. 0947-950-8018(Engr. Andoy)
Human Resource and Management Office
     Tel. +63(085)818-1860 Local 0

City Treasurer’s Office
     Tel. +63(085)818-6268
     Cel. 0999-997-7869(Marivic)
City Assessor’s Office(CASSO)
     Tel. +63(085)818-1318 Local 132
     Cel. 0919-884-3240(Junie)
City Assessor’s Office(CASSO)
     Tel. +63(085)818-1318 Local 130
     Cel. 0909-408-9602(Julius)
City Budget Office(CASSO)
     Tel. +63(085)818-1318 Local 131

Sangguniang Panlungsod Office
     Tel. +63(085)818-1092
     Cel. 0918-925-5879(Nelia)
     Tel. +63(085)818-0109
CSTMTF (Traffic)
     Tel. +63(085)818-6726
     Cel. 0910-931-3696 (Jesse)
Bureau of Fire Protection
     Cel.0998-590-4319 (SInsp. Delos Reyes)
CDRRM Command Center
     Tel. +63(085)0304-0577
     Cel. 0998-866-8771 (SMART)
     Cel. 0907-829-8180 (GLOBE)